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Toronto Marathon 2007

Toronto 2007 Marathon at a Glance

FEB 10 2008

The Toronto Marathon began on 1995 but is now considered as among the most anticipated marathon events world wide. The Toronto Marathon is in fact boosting Toronto’s local economy each year as thousands of tourists, media men and marathon participants flock in.

The number of participants and spectators that come for the Toronto marathon in turn enhances the government’s revenue. This revenue is generated from the Toronto Marathon tourism money.

Toronto Marathon 2007
Toronto Marathon 2007 Report
Course: 26.2 miles
Race Date: Oct 14, 2007
Course Start Time: 9:00 AM
City: Toronto
Registration: Started Jan 1, 2007
Fees: $65 - $95 (CAD)
Participants Capacity:
Treated at Hospital/Medical Station:
Runners Started:
Runners Finished:
Winner: Charles Bedley (Canada) (2 hours, 21 minutes, 58 seconds)
Race result:
Race Video:

It is estimated that the local government generate more or less $15 million per year out of the annual Toronto Marathon. This figure is in addition to the amount of money that is generated by the Toronto Marathon to help charitable organizations that benefit from the event.

The Toronto Marathon 2007 was held on October 14 last year. The Toronto Marathon 2007 is actually the 13th marathon of the annual Toronto marathon running tradition since it was started in 1995. The Toronto Marathon 2007 has actually expected around 10,000 marathon participants from approximately 30 countries around the world. Runners from different parts of the world participated in the different marathon category during the event. These Toronto Marathon 2007 categories include the Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Relay runs.

Toronto Marathon is an established annual marathon activity for international runners. The Toronto Marathon is compliant to the international standards and is actually sanctioned by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distant Races). The participants of the Toronto Marathon are qualified for other accredited international marathons including the Boston Marathon. In addition to this, The Toronto marathon has greatly helped in boosting tourism and generating revenue for the locality. Nevertheless, the event is actually an activity that also benefits the people particularly the needy. The Toronto Marathon 2007 for example has provided charity help to the Mikey Network and Orbis Canada. It is also estimated that the Toronto Marathon has already raised more than $5.0 million since its beginnings in 1995. The approximately $5.0 million generated from the Toronto Marathon has benefited such institutions and organizations like the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, ICA Canada and Princess Margaret Hospital.

The Toronto marathon is considered as the oldest and the largest marathon in Toronto. The coming Toronto Marathon 2008 is scheduled to be held on October 19, 2008. Online registration for Marathon 2008 is already open. Runners who are planning to join the Toronto Marathon 2008 can now enlist themselves and make the necessary preparation and marathon training.

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