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Track Miles on Running Shoes

Running Shoes with Tracking Miles

SEP 10 2008

There are many reasons why runners track their miles as they do their running. You could be a professional runner or not but the system of tracking down miles still benefits both types of runners.

Here are some reasons why logging your miles can benefit you.

Reasons why you should track the miles you run

  • It creates a habit.
    Regularly recording your running activity can help you develop a regular habit of running. It can help you discipline yourself to keep on running even if you don’t want to. Scientists say that it takes 21 days of consistent activity before an action becomes a habit.
  • Sense of accomplishment
    The act of recording a run can become a means to accomplishing a goal consistently. This simple act can give you a sense of accomplishment. It can become a rewarding experience.  
  • Improvement
    What gets measured, improves! Tracking down your miles as you run will give you data on how to improve yourself. It’s a way you can quantify the amount of running you make daily. This is specifically helpful especially if you’re participating on a marathon event where you have to out run others by improving yourself. With the data you have, you can make graphs, charts and other visuals to help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.  

Getting ready with your equipment  

You need very simple equipment to track your miles on running shoes. It’s not complicated at all. The important thing is you have input to log. First, you can use an ordinary notebook and pencil to log your miles. It’s not that sophisticated but it works fine with some people. You can treat this notebook as your own personal diary for running. You can even label it and even give it a name like “coach”.

A second way to track your running miles is to use an electronic device. Using a PC with an MS Excel spreadsheet program can work effectively. You just have to name the row and column headings, the date you ran and input the number of miles you ran for the day. That’s how simple you can log your miles.

A third method to track your running miles is to purchase software exclusively for running. Search the internet, survey for websites that offer such programs. Programs like these not only record dates and the amount of miles you ran but it you can also input weather conditions, the particular running shoes you wore and the amount of water you drank during your exercise just to name a few. Such programs can calculate your heart pace, the amount of calories you burned and even provide you with other measures a notebook or an excel spreadsheet can’t provide.

Aside from logging equipment, you would also need running shoes that are in good condition as well as proper running clothes. Running using proper gear can help you improve your running distances. The fabrics used are light to carry making it easier to run. Also don’t forget to invest on a watch that records your heart beat and the distance you cover as you run.

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