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Track and Field Running Shoes

Shoes for Tracking and Field Running

MAY 25 2011

There are various shoes for tracking and field running which are available today. What matters the most in these shoes is that they offer full protection to the runner’s feet through effective cushioning. Track and field running shoes includes Men’s Nike Zoom Victory, Saucony Spitfire, Nike Cortez Leather 06 Track and Field Running Shoes.

There are specific kind of shoes which are made for the track and field running. These shoes have been specially designed for running on the track and hence you should buy these shoes.

  • The kind of track shoes or the field shoes which you intend to wear and run primarily depend upon the kind of event in which you are participating.
  • For the short distance spins which is of less than 400 meters. In this, lightweight shoes are basically preferred which also need to have long spikes.
  • These shoes must also have a good traction system also.
  • If you are going for a middle distance race which is of around 1500-3000 meters then you need the tracking shoes which are having more of cushioning.
  • For long distance running, what you need is good cushioned shoes which are well built in a way to protect your feet also.
  • These shoes will be having less spikes.

Men’s Nike Zoom Victory:

  • These are said to be one of the lightest kind of shoes meant for running on the tracks.
  • These are designed for the distance spikes which are able to cover the distance ranging from 800m to 5000m.
  • These are made up of fly wire technology due to which these shoes are able to provide immense of support to the runners feet.
  • Some other features of these shoes include compression molded foam which is said to be found in the midsole.
  • In order to provide these shoes grip from the outside these are being provided with the TPU sharkskin outsole.
  • The toe box is quite narrow.

Saucony Spitfire:

  • An outstanding pair of shoes which has agility and offers comfort and swiftness as well.
  • The synthetic leather upper is able to ensure light weight for the shoes and they are durable as well.
  • In order to provide comfort, these shoes are provided with a contoured heel cup.
  • With a view to provide grip and gear to the shoes, these are provided with XT LITE outsole.
  • The traction is enhanced because of the Pebax spike plate houses.

Nike Cortez Leather 06 Track and Field Running Shoes:

  • These shoes are designed especially for the track and field running.
  • These shoes are having a retro look.
  • The prime feature of these shoes is that they are made up of durable bottom.
  • What makes them good for tracking is that they have leather upper.
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