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Tracking Your Running Distance

How to Track Your Running Distance

MAY 10 2010

How to track your running helps us to analyse the number of calories which are being burned in the process, the distance which have been covered along with the time taken to do the same. Tracking your running distance is possible with the help of various instruments like pedometer, GPS wristwatch, Google earth.

For the runners, the biggest challenge is to know as to how to track their running distance. This is essential for them to know, as this will enable them to understand how much distance they still have to cover while running. This is primarily needed by those runners who have to take part in the marathon and other 5K and 10K runs. During the training session alone, the tracking of the distance helps to know how far they are capable of running.

Gadgets being used to Track Running Distance

There have been people who try to track the mileage with the help of odometer, but it’s not much helpful. It is not able to give accurate results. But still some people bank upon it. However, there are a number of other tracking options also available, which indeed are more accurate and thereby more desired by the runners. These include the pedometer which gives very accurate results as to how much distance you have covered, how many steps you have taken as well as how much calories you have burned.

The good thing about the pedometer is that you can wear it when you go for running and thus you can easily know about the distance. These are available at as low as $5 so they can be easily purchased. Other options for tracking distance include the computer mapping tools which too can perform the same function.

GPS wristwatches and Google Earth

There are a number of runners, who even wear GPS wristwatches for the same purpose. They give your distance along with the time in which you have covered the same. These watches too help in knowing how much distance you have covered while running. Yet another entertaining and useful option available is to use Google Earth for the same purpose. It very candidly shows the distance between two places and so you can know from there how much you have been running.

Garmin forerunner is an important instrument which is used by the athletes. It tracks the heart rate along with the calories burned by the athlete. But it is said to be quite costly, and may not be within the budget of all. Allsports GPS too offers the applications for the same purpose. It is available in Black Berry App World. It is very cheap as compared to Garmin Forerunner. It is able to measure your calories also depending upon your weight.
It is not just the runners who need to track the distance rather various other sportspersons like throwing, jumping, and walking.

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