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Tracking Your Walks

Ways to Track Your Walking Miles

SEP 4 2009

Do you suddenly experience an interest in walking as a way to your health and clean lifestyle? There are basically three types that people engaged in this activity can be classified but all, one way or the other, practice what they call tracking your walks. Here are tips on how this technique works.

No matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance walker, the use of tracking your walks is still a basic foundation of your health and fitness lifestyle.

Though it is safe to say that those who have grown to be an intermediate or advance walker are both experts in terms of this method of tracking your walks, these health buffs does not forget the lesson ingrained into them by this technique. Whence for the beginners, gaining an early orientation on tracking your walks will help and assist to grow into the lifestyle that they have chosen.

In this aspect, the complete experience of taking a journey for a healthy body does not start and end with the kind of walking shoes or the clothes one should wear in this kind of activity. There is more to this kind of health activity.

More or less, this is for those who are beginning to learn how to exercise by using this easy method of walking. For those who are already intermediate and advance in this category, this is more of a reminder for them to take a look back on.

Setting Goals in Tracking Your Walks

It is well expected that the first time to wake up early in the morning and don that walking clothes and shoes and actually take your first step in the road or street is the hardest point in practicing the activity. It is well understood that one’s body is not yet accustomed to an early exercise. The secret of tracking your walks is by setting goals. This means taking into consideration the duration of the activity and how far one will walk. It is advisable for beginners to set a modest goal to start themselves up. Let us say a first day walk is timed for half an hour and before lengthening that time the amateur athlete should know that his body has already adjusted to the activity. If you have a modern electronic device like an iphone, blackberry or PDAs where you can note the speed and miles that you cover then it will help you to figure how many calories you burned a day. You can always comeback home and keep a record in your home PC or by using pen and paper. It is always better to keep a record rather than trying to figure out how many miles you covered a week or month.

Warm Up and Warm Off Before and After Tracking Your Walks

In every physical activity, health experts do not stop at reminding that before the actual activity, one should first do some warming ups to avoid any unforeseen injury to the body. It is then as part of one’s activity of tracking your walks to flex his muscles first so they are ready for a more strenuous activity. This goes the same way after making the walk. It is important to condition the body to warm off so that the effect of the activity is felt more and its health benefits are reaped.

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