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Training Programs for Runners

Runners Training Programs

JUN 10 2010

Runners training programme helps you become an active and healthy runner, you need to work under a coach who will let you know the way to train properly for the running. There are different ways to train for marathon, half marathon. Runners training programme involves alternate days of rest also.

Running is one of the most adventurous sports provided the runners are fully accustomed to this sports. Runners need to know the basics of running in order to avoid all kinds of injuries as well as get proper training. For the beginners, running training is of utmost importance since only then they can excel in the field and go ahead with the marathon, half marathon and long distance running.

How to Train for Running

Always remember not to start running too fast from the day one itself. Rather you need to begin slowly and then enhance the speed. Also, perform stretching before you begin running. You need to begin the running with a warm up exercise of around 5-10 minutes and when you finish the run, end with a cool down walk. This way you will stay more fit and healthy.

It is not necessary to run on all the seven days of the week, rather you can run on the alternate days. This way, you will not lose your energy and also stay motivated. Rest days in between the running will help you sustain energy and also you can heal the wounds. In between the running days, you can go for cross country training which might include swimming, cycling, walking or any other sports which might enjoy.

You also need to set goals for yourself and try to achieve those goals. Start with small ones and then make bigger ones. You need to start training schedule at least one year before the marathon. Only then you will be able to actively participate in the marathon.

How to Train for Running

You have to basically work upon your mileage and intensity. You need design to your schedule in a way so as to increase the mileage along with the speed, but this should not affect your overall performance. Don’t try too hard in the beginning or else you may become lose your intensity in the midst of running.

A speed work programme works well for the beginners who find it helpful to maintain a relation between speed and distance. You should also know that different running programmes require different workouts like the 5k running programme will be different from the 10k running programme. Also, it matters a lot whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner. You need to workout under an expert coach who will give you the proper training for running. Try to stick to the routine only then you will be able to become a healthy runner.

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