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Training Schedule for 5k Race

5K Race Training

JUN 14 2010

5K race training is essential for all those who want to seriously participate in the run and also to win. Training schedule for 5k race will enable you to know how to prepare for the race. Start slowly, work on your mileage, give time to cross training also. Keep a few days as rest days.

Runners can enjoy the run if they are properly trained for the same. Running is an important sport but you need to be maintain a proper schedule for the same if you intend to take part in marathon, half marathon, long distance running.

There are different programmes which have to be followed for running the different races like 5K run, 10K or any other run. Along with that it also matters whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner when you prepare for the run. Keeping all these factors in mind, you should start preparing for the training schedule.

Before you begin, it is suggested that you consult a doctor who will check you for fitness level, whether you are fit for the running or not. Once he says okay, you can hire a good coach who will guide you in training schedule.

How to Prepare for the 5K

Once you start, you should stretch yourself a little, so that your body becomes warm, and there on begin the running. But be slow initially, don’t be too fast in running as endurance is more important than your speed at the moment. Try to keep a rest day in between the running. Start with 10 minutes running daily and then as time moves, after a few weeks you can increase the time when you feel comfortable. Keep a few minutes for walking and then for running. The rest days will enable you to recover from the injuries which you might suffer from in between the run.

Setting a goal for yourself is equally important; you need to start preparing for the 5k run from six months before the due date of run. You also need to keep a day for cross training or any other exercise like swimming or cycling. The 5k schedule will keep you motivated to perform better each time.

Training Schedule for the 5K

Keep Mondays and Fridays as the rest days when you will give time to your muscles to rest and injuries to heal. It is only then you will see a marked improvement in your running. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you should work out aiming at your desired goal. Try to achieve the same and thereby opt for cooling down period after the run is over. On Wednesdays you can go for cross training exercises for around 30-40 minutes. Sundays should be a kept for a comfortable walk where you can enjoy the run.

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