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Training for 5k Run

Tips for 5K Training

MAY 7 2010

You need to be aware of tips for 5k training if you want to participate in the event. Make a realistic goal, start at slow paces and then increase the speed. Give rest to your body in between the run, don’t over strain the muscles. Drink plenty of fluids so as not to dehydrate.

When you begin training for 5k run, you need to know what all the basic intricacies of running, this will enable you to compete well in the 5K. The key to run well in the 5K is to start slowly and then build up the pace for running fast. You need to begin at least six months before the due race so that you are perfectly well adapted your body to the running routine.

Beginning the Training for 5K Run

When you begin the training for the 5k run, make a training schedule for the same. You may begin with around 3 times a week. The aim is to give rest days as well in between the training sessions. Don’t worry about the distance you are able to run in the initial periods, rather concentrate on the time duration of your run. Begin with running for just 15-20 minutes and once you are comfortable with that, try to increase the time say for example after around 4 weeks of running for 15-20 minutes you should be able to run for around 35-40 minutes. In this fashion, keep on increasing the time.

Keep a rest day in between the running schedule. This is to give your body a break from the routine and help it recover. If however, you suffer from injuries then take time off the run and let the wounds be healed.

Things to Remember for Training

Do remember, that running training is different for the beginners and the experienced runners. So decide which programme suits you the best on this basis.

When you begin, always start with warm up so as to make the body active and do a little bit of stretching rather than start running immediately. In the same manner, when you end the run, finish it with a 10 minute jog, this is said to be the cooling period.

Instead of running continuously, you can even opt for cross training in between the runs. This will involve going for swimming, cycling.

Setting a realistic goal is equally important. But remember not to make goals which are beyond your reach to accomplish. Take 5k run as a sporting event which needs to be enjoyed and have run, so don’t over strain your body. Listen to the demands of your body. If it shows sign of wearing off, it is best to stop for a few days.

Go and get yourself registered for the 5k which is after 6 months from now, this will act as a motivating factor to work hard towards the event.

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