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Training for Bike Racing

Tips for Bike Racing

JUN 14 2010

Training for bike racing makes you prepared for the final day. But you need to follow the tips for bike racing if winning is your aim. It is important that you practice for the racing from at least a year before. It is not just your speed but also endurance which matters.

Bike racing is one of the immensely popular sports and most of the riders enjoy the fun of taking part in it. It is not just adventurous but full of enthusiasm as well not just for the participants but for audiences as well. You need to be a good expert in biking if you intend to take part in bike racing. You should prepare yourself for around one year before if you want to enjoy the ride and also excel in the same.

Bike Racing Misconceptions

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding bike racing which needs to be mentioned first. Most people believe that you need to be a fast rider if you want to win the bike racing, but this is not true. The truth is that only a few riders are fast riders while the rest are slow riders who finally win the race. In fact if you want to win the race, you should be a slow rider but disciplined. Your speed and power do not play a significant role rather your ability to bear the pain in the hardest of circumstances as well as strength to ride for long hours without exertion are more important.

You need to visit touring clubs in order to harness your true potential for biking. These clubs will enable you to know the key to effective bike riding. They will help you to improve the biking skills, so here you can start preparing for your rides from the start. But it is equally important that you are able to find the right club which suits your needs and requirements.

Training for Bike Racing

Since bike racing requires long hours of riding so you need to build up the cardiovascular endurance. This you will be able to do with the help of training like fartlek training, interval training, circuit training. You need to be equally cautious of what you are eating. Food and drinks play an equally important role in giving you endurance and energy.

Before going for racing, take a look at your bike, whether it is fit enough for you or not and that it is properly maintained. Make sure you don’t suffer from back pain or knee pain on the bike, if you does it is better to change the bike.

If you have to go for group rides then prepare yourself for racing with the groups only, this will let you know that you are moving fine. You need to know how to follow a rider, how to move ahead.

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