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Training for First 10K

First 10K Run Training

APR 1 2011

10k run training works wonders for those runners who intend to be a part of the marathon running also. 10k running is said to be quite different than the 5k running. You need to prepare your running workouts in a way that your running improves. This will include rest days and running at a consistent pace.

If you are the one who is interested in being a part of the 10K run then there are certain essential factors which need to be considered.

Workouts for Running-

  • When it comes to workouts for the 10K, you should opt for easy running. The running schedule should be such that it makes an interesting run for you.
  • Make sure your breathing is well under control so much so that you are able to talk when you are running.
  • 10K running can be tough for those who have only taken part in the 5K runs.
  • If you are the one who intend to run in the marathon then training for the first 10k will surely make it easier.
  • What matters a lot is your consistency also. If you are irregular with your training then surely you may not achieve the target.
  • You need to divide your workout days in two different parts. At least two days need to be kept as the rest days. On few of the days, you should be running at conversational pace while on other days keep you are running at an easy pace.
  • Warming up is very essential and so before you begin the run, make sure you go for warm up exercises, this will stretch your muscles and help you run in a better way.

Training Properly Matters-

  • It is also important that apart from your regular running training, you should keep a day off for cross country training. This may include swimming, biking or cycling at a comfortable pace.
  • What you eat too matters a lot. Hence, it is quite essential that prior to your running, you maintain a strict diet schedule also.
  • Include more and more of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables in the diet. Eating brown rice and soy too benefit the runners.
  • It is good, if you have some other runner to accompany you on your training.
  • In case, you are feeling too much tired or exhausted in between the training, then it is better that you take rest for a while.
  • Never be dehydrated as it could ruin your overall training. Even during the final run, stop and drink water.

Hal Higdon is one of the pioneer’s in the field of 10k training. His training program is for beginners as well as for advanced runners. Through his program, the runners are made aware of how to improve their running and walking time as well as how to run in the best effective manner in a 10k.

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