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Training for Running a Half Marathon

How to Train for Running a Half Marathon

AUG 2 2010

Half marathon training requires lots of hard work from beforehand. Start practising for the running at least six months before the final run. Go for hill workouts and cross country training in order to prepare yourself. Follow a coach’s instructions to know how to run and prepare yourself for half marathon.

Half marathon is basically considered to be the basic step for those runners whose aim is to run marathon in the future. Runners who are able to run effectively in the half marathon find it quite easy to take part in the marathon.

Training for Half Marathon

However half marathon too requires practise and training, you need to prepare yourself for the same for at least six months from beforehand only then you will be able to take part in the marathon with ease.

Training for half marathon includes a complete plan. You need to make a strategic programme for running. The training requires not just running but also physical exercises and a regular diet programme. In fact the combination of all these factors makes the runner perfect and fit enough for taking part in the half marathon.

You need to begin with longer runs in the beginning. They are critical for your fast running development. If you practise these in a regular manner you will be getting well trained with endurance, strength and aerobic development which are the keys to half marathon training.

Try to practice more in the uneven terrains so as to make your tough from within. These hills workouts give you strength to run even on the toughest of the roads. Spend half of your time on running in the softer surroundings like grass, dirt trails also, this is necessary so as to ensure you are not suffering from muscular damages and also not hurting yourself in the long run.

How to Practice for Half Marathon

Try to give yourself a break in between the strenuous exercise sessions. This is essential as your body requires rest also. You need to begin with smaller runs in the beginning and thereon as you develop a routine you can increase your time of running. be slow in the beginning for at least a week and then slowly you can build up your tempo.

Always keep a pedometer with you to know how much time you are taking to complete the run. This will make it easier for you to know of your performance level from beforehand. Don’t forget to keep a drinking water bottle with you when you are running, since in no way you should let your body become dehydrated.

You have to practise running for around 10 miles a day so that you are able to run the 13.1 miles on the day of the race. The 12 week running programme is said to be perfect for the beginners who have just started training.

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