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Training for Running in Water

Tips on Training Underwater

SEP 9 2010

There are a number of tips on training underwater which if followed correctly will help you a lot in cross country training. Training for running in water involves a number of steps and techniques like heel bent, leg scissors, leg crossovers. Your arms should be in moving in tune with your legs.

Water running or Aqua running as it is called is considered to be an important form of training for the athletes which enhances their overall physique and builds their overall endurance level. It is considered to be a great way to improve their overall performance. Pool running is said to be an alternative to road running and most of the injured athletes prefer to run in water which will build their overall endurance level.

Basic Techniques of Running in Water

The basic technique of aqua running is said to be similar to jogging on the roads. Just like the way you warm up in jogging in the same way you need to do a little warm up exercise underwater as well. You can do this by staying in shallow water only.

The training leg should be pulled forward actively when you are beginning the training session. You should keep your knees low and flex your rear foot in an active manner.

Since the prime aim is to increase the running speed in water, so the athletes should try to move the legs forward and also take shorter strides. This is done to maximise the speed. On the other hand, yet another kind of exercise to do is the heel lift. In this keep your upper leg still and make your lower leg flexible.

If this exercise is performed in the correct fashion, it is known to stabilise your body. Middle stride is said to be the toughest of training techniques in which the leg has to be moved forward slightly in front of the center of gravity. The arms are also used vigorously in this exercise.

Floatation Devices and Running in Water

A number of floatation devices are in use which helps the runners in water. The Aqua jogger is one of the most convenient devices which are easy to wear and use also. However if your over weight this might not work for you. Also, remember that this has to be worn in a tighter manner which sometimes might create breathing problems also.

When you begin your exercise in water, make sure you are exercising in a pool in which your feet are not able to touch the bottom. After wearing floatation device, you can easily exercise in the pool as the device will help you in keeping your head above the water. It also helps to maintain an upright position of your body posture which too helps you a lot. Make sure your arms are moving in tune with your legs.

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