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Training for a Half Marathon for Beginners

Tips for Running a Half Marathon

NOV 30 2007

First comes first, before even thinking for a full marathon one should run at least one half marathon, which is about 13.1 miles in total. People will generally advise that you go through training for a half marathon for beginners if you intend on joining a marathon.

It is better to break down this half marathon to few targeted goals like 5k, 10k and 15k runs. Achieving one goal after other will boost the confidence and make marathon training very easy.

Chicago Marathon 2007 Winner Patrick Ivuti

Marathon training for beginners is most helpful especially if it will be your first time to join a 10k marathon.

The Importance of Marathon Schedule Training

Marathon training will help you improve your stamina as a marathon runner and keep you away from injuries. Through workout training, marathon runners are able to improve their skills, increase muscular strength, improve joint flexibility, endurance and speed. This is the reason why even seasoned marathon runners make it a point to go through a marathon running training every time they want to join marathon races. If you want to improve and maximize the potentials that you have as a marathon runner, it is best that you go through marathon training and do the best on marathon day. The training will enhance your speed and your stamina so you can excellently participate in any marathon race that you want to be part of. Training for a half marathon for beginners will also allow you to be competitive during the race. When you go through beginners’ marathon training, you will be able to maintain and improve your competitiveness for a full marathon. This is because your skills will be honed when you learn from marathon training guide as a beginner that you will be familiar with during your marathon miles. Many runners who have included exercise training and beginners workout in their marathon schedule were also able to avoid the hassles of getting injuries during the actual marathon. One runner needs proper fitness for running a marathon, so if you include few sets of exercises to your training schedule program then it improves your stability and increases your metabolism. It also increases your ability to work more hours a day.

Half Marathon Training Tips

Running a marathon is not achievable over night so lets figure out where you stand as of today, do you know what is your pace and maximum running distance. Figuring this will help you to set your next goal.

Follow a schedule. When undergoing marathon training for beginners, it is helpful if you stick to a schedule training so you will know what developments to expect for a given training time frame. By setting a schedule, for example, you will be able to competitively run the expected marathon mile at least two weeks before your actual half marathon.

Choose the right marathon gears. Make sure that you also choose the right outfit and shoes that you will use even during your training so you can be comfortable during your training and you can avoid the injuries that can be associated with poor marathon gears. Buying costly athlete wears and shoes may not be necessary as long as you wear training gears that are durable and comfortable enough for you to use.

Learn from the pros. If possible hire a coach as he will be responsible in giving you valuable tips and advices when joining a half marathon. Hire experienced coach as much as possible. Joining marathon training programs is also a good decision.

During your run listen to your body, on needed slow down and pace up later. Make sure you have right temperature and enough water while running. More dehydration or less carbohydrate might get you unnecessary cramps which might disturb your training schedule as well.

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Name: john hudson

I ran a number of 10k races before running my first half marathon. I followed a 1/2 training plan and stuck with it. A word of caution about training for a 1/2. Run one training run (4miles) in the week at a faster pace. This helps with endurance.

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