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Training to Run Half Marathon

How to Train for Half Marathon

OCT 14 2010

How to train for half marathon is necessary to know if you wish to take part in marathon. You need to start running at least 4 months from before the due date of run. Training to run half a marathon is essential as it will make you physically fit to run.

If you wish to participate in half marathon, the first thing required is effective training. You need to prepare yourself for running as well as exercising for long hours. The most essential thing in this regard is motivation-you need to motivate yourself for participating and winning the half marathon.

How to Train for Half Marathon

Though you need to begin with slow walks at the beginning you need to increase the pace of your runs almost everyday so that you don’t suffer from stiffness or pain in the legs. Always run at a comfortable stage, don’t over exert yourself. This over a period of time will build up your endurance level.

You need to also put emphasis on cardio vascular exercises in your training session. This will make your muscles strong enough.

When you begin try to run at least 5K or 10K to make yourself adapted to running. You need to keep your body fit enough. You need to gradually increase the running distance. But in between keep a few rest days also which are effective in toning your body and will ensure healing of the wounds which might get.

Training programme for Half Marathon

You should make a complete training programme in the guidance of an expert coach. You need to divide your time in different sets like interval training, short weekday run, longer weekend run. But you need to supplement these with cross country training like swimming, cycling, climbing. This is specifically directed at experienced runners who are able to do these successfully. As you go for advanced training, you will have to work out for Pace Intervals, Cruise Intervals, Speed Intervals training.

Your aim should be to build a running average of 8 miles per week which should later on get increased to 12 miles in around 14 weeks time. Also, try to include speed training in your exercise routine.

You need to train for around 4 days a week and take rest for the rest of the three days. When doing the training, keep sports drink with yourself. Keep drinking after every half an hour.

Try to relax and soothe yourself before the racing day. It is better if you don’t exercise a few days before the half marathon and take rest. You also need to take proper diet in these days so that your stomach does not suffer from cramps or ingestion.

Give prime importance to your running shoes also, wear light fitting clothes so that you don’t feel sticky during the running schedule.

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