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Treadmill Running for Beginners

Tips for Beginners on Treadmill

MAY 27 2010

Tips for beginners on treadmill are quite helpful in ascertaining the positive benefits of treadmill running. It is quite better than running since you can easily do the workouts at home without having to go out. But what you wear and what you eat is important for the treadmill running for beginners.

There are a number of runners who prefer to go for treadmill running rather walking outside. This is especially true for those runners who live in areas of high humidity, or extreme weather conditions because in both the situations it becomes quite tough to go out and run.

Running on treadmill has a number of benefits also and so it is mostly recommended. The most important being that it protects you from some of the toughest running conditions like running on a road which is busy or else which is uneven, if this is the case than you are bound to suffer from injuries.

Cautions for Running on Treadmill

Those who are running on treadmill for the first time, it is imperative to know that they need to be quite cautious in the beginning, such that their feet don’t fall in the wrong place. try to avoid making any of the mistakes, as a runner.
It is primarily the ease with which these machines can be used, has made them more popular in the recent years. Those who are new, should try to be slow and once you have developed the habit that you should increase the time and speed. It is very much important to know how much speed and resistance level you are keeping, since this helps to strengthen your muscular levels, strengthens the heart beat and thereby enhances your stamina also.

What a Beginner Need to Know

The intensity and duration of the workout matters a lot. For the beginners it needs to be kept at the minimum intensity. The workouts should not be made too tough or too light, also the clothes you wear too has role to play. Make sure you are not wearing either too loose or too tight clothes as this may hinder your workout. With regard to the food you take, make sure you are not eating anything heavy before the workout and also immediately after the workout.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, since dehydration may set in. Remember, your prime aim is to stay fit and burn calories. Always stretch yourself before you start the workout. This will help to reduce the cramps and also various injuries. But you need to consult your physician before you go for the treadmill for workout. The long term prospects of working on the treadmill are far better and hence the beginners may try working on it. It is particularly good so as to come back in shape, but you should follow the routine very carefully.

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