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Treadmill Walking for Weight Loss

Weight Loss on Treadmill

MAY 16 2011

Weight loss on treadmill is possible if you are practising it in the right manner. Treadmill walking for weight loss is easy and you don’t have to move out of your home also. Be careful when you tread on the treadmill. If you are a new user make sure you are aware of how it works.

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Who doesn’t want to look slim and in a perfect figure? Be it men or women losing weight and having a healthy body is a dream and desire of many.

There are various ways in which people stand to lose weight either by walking, running, jogging, and swimming. But a large number of people these days opt to choose treadmill walking for losing weight.

Losing Weight on Treadmill:

  • Treadmill is chosen by those who do not have time to go out for running or those who prefer to do so at night times and regard their homes as the best place for losing weight.
  • There are a few people who do not like the idea of losing weight through treadmill because they consider it boring and monotonous kind of an exercise.
  • In reality if you are on a treadmill workout for as many as three months on a regular basis then surely you would lose weight and come in a perfect shape.
  • The best aspect of walking on a treadmill is that almost anyone can do it irrespective of age and gender.
  • Treadmill is said to be give you the maximum fat loss and within the shortest time period.
  • It is regarded as the best cardiovascular workout you can have at home.
  • When it comes to treadmill walking you should try to make it enjoyable and fun loving so that you make the most of it.
  • It is better that you listen to your favourite music when you are on the treadmill.

Precautions Taken On Treadmill:

  • Care needs to be taken when you are walking on a treadmill because if you walk at 0% incline then chances are that you might end up in injuries or else knee pain.
  • It is suggested that you use the treadmill at 1% incline because in that way you tend to lose more calories as well.
  • With practice comes perfection. Try not to use the handrails once you are in the habit of using treadmill. This of course might take some time.
  • Make sure you are taking proper precautions once you start on a new treadmill because you need to know where the stop button is.
  • Don’t panic, if you are unable to stop it.


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