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Treatment for Walking Blisters

How to Cure Walking Blisters

JAN 11 2010

Apply preventive measures and avoid walking blisters. One best option is using lubricants on those portions of foot where blisters occur. There are many conventional treatment methods available for treating walking blisters. You can apply petroleum jelly, bag balm or talcum for early recovery. Walkers willing to walk for longer duration must use petroleum jelly properly. Reapplication of jelly with the interval of 10 miles keeps blisters in control.

Walkers need to keep themselves well informed of best defensive measures before starting walks. In case they suffer from such symptoms they must consult with experts for guidance. Runners' lube and many other anti-chafing lubricants are better for keeping walking blisters under control. These medicinal products help in preventing foot blisters. If applied before resuming walks they not only stop further spreading but also keep one safe from any such condition.

What to Select

There are variety of options available to control walking blisters. Conventional and herbal treatment options are abundant. One can go with them which are much used. The socks used in prevention are also helpful. Socks must be laundered and washed carefully for timely cure and minimizing infection. Some experts advise walkers to avoid cotton socks in case of having foot blisters. Usually cotton socks retain moisture that becomes main reason of blisters. They soften skin to weaken it further. Resultantly foot starts tearing easily and blisters dominate.

Available Options

CoolMax is considered best for proper control over walking blisters due to its special feature. This fabric absorbs moisture easily and keeps skin in better condition which doesn’t weaken in any circumstances. Different types of socks are available for walkers with the features of modern synthetic fabrics. They are best choices for making walking programs easy and comfortable. One can also go with two layered socks. Tincture of benzoin can also be applied in the sensitive portions of foot for safety reasons.

Compeed is an effective option to prevent blisters. They are capable to keep skin safe. Available in small cushions and used in toes these cushions are meant for foot heels and balls. They are best supports for keeping foot blister free. Role of these pads can be better understood in a layman’s language that they use like an additional layer of skin and keep it normal.

Other Preventive Measures

Always wear fitting walking shoes and avoid the snug one. Blisters also develop due to wearing tight shoes. Fitting shoes are better for this purpose. Wearing too loose fitting shoes too invite another set of problems. Clean your blisters with antiseptic lotion in case your foot blister bursts by their own and creates typical problem. As tube socks don’t fit properly over the heel and ankle they should be avoided. Don’t wear single pair of socks every time. Changing them on regular intervals is one of the best preventive options.

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