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Triathlon Training Nutrition

Why Nutrition is Essential for Triathletes

JUN 1 2010

Why nutrition us essential for triathletes can be known from the fact that diet and training goes hand in hand, if you ignore the diet part, chances are you will find it difficult to train yourself for the triathlon. You may start suffering from deficiencies which is wrong for the triathlon training nutrition.

Triathlon training involves not just a focus on running schedule but your nutrition too plays an essential role. What you eat has immense importance when it comes to staying fit for the triathlon. You need to concentrate on your diet and nutrition if you want to take an active part in triathlon.

Factors on which Nutrition Depends

There are various factors on which your training nutrition will depend , these include the time period for which you will be doing the training, the type of activity you want, along with the kind of activity you are basically engaged in. These factors will help you analyse which type of diet plan will suit you the best. However there can be no one diet plan for all the athletes, it varies from person to person since the requirements of all the persons varies.

Triathletes need to be careful with regard to the level of calorie intake. This is helpful in boosting energy of the athletes. This will give them strength and intensity to follow the routine. Triathletes need to contact their sports coach who will tell them appropriately how many calories they will be requiring in a day, especially in the days when they are working and also for the rest days.

Diet Requirements of Triatheltes

It is important for those participating in the triathlon to take a combination of various other nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, minerals in a proper amount. You also need to take fats in a restricted amount. Fluid intake too should never be ignored. Along with that the quality of food you take also matters a lot.

There are a number of triathletes who ignore their diet and then suffer in the midst of running. This should however not be the case. You need to particularly avoid the junk food. Try to skip heavy meals, rather go for smaller meals after every two hours. A healthy diet for the triatheletes can go a long way in improving their performance and thus give them a chance to excel in the trialthon.

You need to know what are going to be the basic nutrition needs of the runner. The diet during the training routine plays the most important role in overall performance of the runner.

If the diet part is ignored by the triatheletes, then there are various nutritional deficiencies which may start arising and in the long run have adverse effect on the health of the athlete. The symptoms may include fatigue, tiredness, puffiness, poor performance in the running as well as slow recovery.

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