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Twin Cities Marathon Courses and Registration Details

Running for Twin Cities Marathon

OCT 15 2008

Are you an athletic person? Do you like sports? Do you engage into physical activities such as exercising, yoga, Pilates, dancing, sports such as tennis, basketball etc.? Do you walk from your office going home?

Do you run alone or with your friends? Or you join marathons? If the answer is yes, I assumed you heard about Twin Cities Marathon.

This is an event wherein participants such as runners join in a running marathon throughout a certain part of a city. There are different places of marathon. People organize marathons for different reasons; one would plan a marathon for a cause, such as for the benefit of people who have diseases or to support a campaign and a lot more. In my case I join marathon to support such campaigns and also because I love running. If you’re planning to join the next twin cities marathon it is important that you check out the course.

Below are the course map details:

1. Start – Metro dome is the place to start the race. Then it will take you to the core downtown area for the first few miles. Core downtown area is pancake flat shaped.
2. Miles 3-8 – turn south out of the downtown area at the three mile mark. Then enter five (5) mile stretch.
3. Miles 9-11 – this stretch will give the runners breathing space. It is pretty much protected from direct sunlight.
4. Miles 12-13 – no mile 12-13 at this time due to road building.
5. Miles 14-16 – Minnehaha, a narrow street to rejoin the course.
6. Miles 17-21 – no miles 17-21 at this time as well, because of time limit, this area is skipped.
7. Miles 21-23 – it rises 120 feet over the two-mile stretch. This is the opposite of miles 9-11 because it lacks of protection from sun.
8. Home Stretch – unnoticeable slope for the last three miles. The finish area looks great.
You can visit this site for a more descriptive course map:

If you are also interested to join Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon 2008 you can reserve some spots through the Fundraiser Entry Program, register online. This is benefited by the Youth Fitness Partners of the marathon; YWCA of Minneapolis, MIgizi Communications and the Bolder Options. Registration fee is $95 and $100 tax deductible donation.

There are over 11,000 runners representing 50 states, Mexico and Canada and 14 other countries joined the marathon. Reports say that this year is filled more slowly that in the last few years.

Twin Cities marathon 2008 – race closed in 33 days
Twin Cities marathon 2007 – race closed in 19 days
Twin Cities marathon 2006 - race closed in 15 days

There was also a change in registration. They entertained registries through online only for this year and for the coming years, a source says. They opened the registration for almost three (3) weeks earlier than before.

Joining marathons is a noble way of expressing your support to your community and a great way to enhance your body through physical activities such as running.

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