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Types of Road Bikes

Various Types of Road Bikes

JUN 30 2010

There are various types of road bikes from which a rider can choose his own favourite bike. The types of road bikes varies as per the interests of the bikers since a bike for simple riding is quite different from that for mountain climbing. Bmx, cruiser, mountain bike are a few bikes.

Riding a road bike is one of the favourite sports for many while for others it means a pastime. So a number of people can be seen riding different types of bikes across the world. It is one of the best form of recreations for many and hence a number of bike companies have been turning out bikes of different types to suit the needs and interests of all the bike riders.

There are basically four types of bikes which can be considered to be the main types of bikes, these include road, mountain, cruiser and bmx. Each of these bike has a different feature and is made for different interests of the riders. Each will function in a different manner from the other bike. Thus the manner in which the road bike function is quite different from that of the bmx bike or the cruiser.

Road Bike

The road bike is the most common type of bike and almost anyone can ride the same. This is a preferred road bike when one wants to travel long distances. These bike may have one or multiple gears depending upon the comfort of the cyclist. Mountain bikes are said to be quite high in speed than the road bikes and come with multiple gears so as to make the ride a perfect one as well as speedy when one moves up the mountain.

Cruiser Bike

For fun riding and to have an enjoyable tour, you can simply depend upon the cruiser bike or the beach cruiser. These are the favourite bikes of those who want to go for sight seeing or just want to have riding the bike.

Bmx Bike

Those riders who want to do some stunts as well bmx bike is made for them. They are made of smaller frame and come with only a single gear. In order to make them perfect for stunts, these come with well built frame and robust construction.

Hybrid Bike

Yet another type of bike is the hybrid bike which have flat bars. These are said to be quite lighter in weight than the mountain bikes.

When you purchase any of the above mentioned bikes there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration. You have to make sure that the handle bars are perfect for you, you feel comfortable while riding the bike, there’s probably minimum chances of injuries. Since you need to sit in an upright position for long hours, so you have to be physically fit for the same.

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