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UC Davis Triathlon

Triathlon for UC Davis Students

APR 23 2010

As a member of the UC Davis Triathlon team, a registered student of the university (either undergraduate or graduate) can enjoy complete training and coached workout that will allow him to compete in the race. The good thing about the triathlon team is that the physical requirement is not rigid; as long as the student is willing to attend the training, he can compete in the race.

The UC Davis Triathlon, which is exclusively for undergraduate and graduate students of the university, is a sport which promotes healthy and active lifestyle among its members who will enjoy professional trainings and workouts.

To join the triathlon team, students should pay a $125 membership fee which will cover the expenses for training, coaching, transportation, uniform, and social events. This relatively cheap membership fee is made possible because of sponsorship deal the team is enjoying.

Meanwhile, the good thing about the triathlon is that the fitness and physical requirement is lenient. As long as the student is willing to train and attend workouts regularly, he can join the team and compete in the race against other universities such as Cal Poly, Berkeley, and Standford.

After paying this fee to one of the officers of the triathlon team, the next step is to go to the Sport Club website and fill out the personal information and the online waiver. It is important for members to create an account on the website so they can get updates regarding the workout calendar and schedules for meetings.

Meanwhile, students can join the triathlon team any time of the year. However, it is ideal to join during the fall season when they can avail of discounts and enjoy training workshops and other activities.

Members are expected to attend workout trainings and meetings, however, if their class schedule will not permit them, the triathlon team will give them considerations and will even post on the website all the information about the meetings and activities. In this way, members can get updates even if they have missed their training or meeting.

Team workouts are divided into three phases. During the fall season, members will be trained for conditioning, allowing their body to be in good shape. After this period, they will undergo training to improve their speed and endurance during the winter quarter. And lastly, they will be trained for the actual race in the spring quarter to allow their body to shift from swimming, biking, and to running.

Members will enjoy two coached workouts every week: one training for swimming on a weekday and one workout for biking or running on a weekend. Meanwhile, the other workouts will be led by student coordinators who are the most experienced triathletes in the team, allowing the other members to train safely.

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