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Using Elliptical While Pregnant

Pregnancy and Elliptical Machine Workout

FEB 2 2010

For pregnant women, it is best to exercise in order to gain strength for the big day. One of the best things is using elliptical while pregnant. Although this sounds simple especially if you are used to working out, you need to consult your doctor about it so that you can avoid mistakes that can harm you or the baby.

If you are pregnant, you most likely have asked your doctor if elliptical trainer exercise is safe to do. Of course the answer is yes but however there are some things that you need to consider. Before hopping in to machine, it is best to ask your doctor if he or she recommends it. The doctor would most likely know your medical history. Communicate this to your doctor is a must.

Major Concerns when using Elliptical Machines if you are Pregnant

  • One is if the pregnant woman is actually used to exercising in elliptical machine. There are some who just step into the waters because they thing that she is fat. It is important to take everything slowly. If you are engage in cardio exercise before, then there won’t be any problem.
  • It is best to have medical permission to exercise. There are doctors who are concerns with heart rate. There are some who women who are used to exercise but heart rate should be monitor. One shouldn’t stay in the exercise machine for a long time to increase the chances of burning calories.

Common Mistakes that Pregnant Women make during Exercise

When you are pregnant and want to try elliptical training, it is best not to think about burning calories. If you are wise, it is best to eat the right food and refrain from eating junk. Don’t think of dieting to manage the weight. Exercise for pregnant women is maintaining the good shape and gaining strength for the big day. It is so tiring to give birth. This is the reason why women who exercise have easy delivery and handle stress well.

Another mistake is ignoring your temperature. Although you are sweating a lot, it is best to consider your baby. Your baby has no way to sweat. You are literally making the baby feel hot. If your body temperature is rising, try to relax and sit for awhile. After developing a workout routine, it is best to keep track of your body. If you do this, it would provide a safer environment to you and your baby.

How long to exercise in Elliptical Training?

This is actually dependent on your doctor. 45 minutes is enough with 10 minutes of stretching. Although you need to monitor your temperature, you will sense if the activity is too much. Talk to a trainer if you are doing exercises correctly. Make sure that if you are working at home, let someone watch. It is best stay hydrated at all times. It would help to cool your body.

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