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Vasque Velocity Trail Running Shoe Review

Features of Vasque Velocity Trail Running Shoe

NOV 16 2010

There are various features of vasque velocity trail running shoes like good traction, effective cushioning, comfort and durability as well. Vasque velocity trail running shoe review has shown a mixed result as for some runners they are the best trail shoes while others do not like them much due to their features.

These trail running shoes are specifically meant for overpronators and those runners who are having high arches. These are considered to be just the perfect running shoes from the point of view of traction and support which they are able to provide to the runners. These shoes come in various styles depending upon the need and are available for both men and women.

Features of Vasque Velocity Running Shoes

These shoes are having a Nubuck and Nylon upper which are able to ensure proper breathability features. The synthetic overlays have been added near the lacing system which makes it clear that the shoes are perfectly tied and fit as well.
The gusseted tongue which is being provided in the velocity shoes makes it clear that no mud or any other debris is being attached to your shoes outsole and they remain out of such things. Mesh features are provided inside the shoes, this is done to make sure that no moisture sticks to the feet of the runners and that foot remain completely dry.

Review of Vasque Velocity Shoes

These shoes have received a mixed review in the runners’ world. For some they are the best and while for others they are just fine trail running shoes. On the positive side, the reviews which have been coming are with regard to their comfort and traction.

They are also said to be quite stable shoes and work perfectly fine on the rugged terrains as well. These shoes are having yet another feature and that is that they dry up very quickly. But on the negative side the reviews are that they are not suited for hot weather season, the laces of these shoes are quite long and so it can become a problem sometime.

The runners in these shoes can also use the Sole footbeds which is meant to provide the perfect fit to the feet. On the breathability front most of the runners have given these shoes the full marks, it is simply superb. As these are light weight shoes so they are able to provide a good lateral support as well to the runners who are running.

The Vasque velocity trail running shoes consist of rubber outsole which makes it easy for you to run with comfort and perfection even if you are on the rugged terrains. EVA midsole are meant to avoid overpronation and are also helpful in avoiding shocks while running. There has been a mixed kind of review with regard to these trail running shoes.

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