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Walking 10000 Steps a Day

Advantages of Walking 10000 Steps a Day

JAN 13 2010

Those professionally involved in the field jobs might walk for more than 10000 steps daily but not all are so lucky. These walking programs bring noticeable change in life. Schedule can be fixed at 30-60 minutes everyday to complete 10,000 steps. If your routine still not prove effective and you don’t loose weight add extra 2,000 steps to maximize your chance.

Findings of numerous researches reveal that walking program of 10,000 steps a day has exciting outcome for complete fitness of body. Inactive people find it difficult to continue this mark but they should at least begin with 1,000 to 3,000 steps at the initial stage before delving into such walking programs which definitely has lots of health benefits. Once number of steps increases benefits become visible and walkers willingly organize their routines.

Walking Program:

An average increase of daily steps can be at 500 steps on a weekly basis. These additions wouldn’t make one feel extra burden but their impact will definitely be exceptionally productive though. Pedometers are best means to track the steps. Furthermore, you should also maintain specific log book to record your daily steps and additions you do.

Walking and Fitness:

The crux of the matter is that walking for 10,000 steps daily is easy and affordable exercise that brings several health benefits. 10,000 steps is not hard and fast rule. One may not feel improvement in that much of walking schedule. In case there is such scenario one can raise steps and can even have additional 2000 to 2500 steps for sometime until becoming habitual. Enough improvement would be seen in few weeks. Such practices are convenient.

These are excellent options indeed for an overall improvement in health and fitness. Apply imagination in scheduling walking program. Keep tracking daily steps and mileage to assess how your body improves in the due course of time.


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