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Walking Backwards On Treadmill

Benefits of Walking Backwards On Treadmill

JAN 14 2010

Walking backwards on treadmills is of no use if you don’t leave your hands off in side rails. These walks have direct impact on postural muscles that you feel. Involvement of legs, hips, muscles and knees in reverse walks create rhythm in body. Its outcome is instant when its speed is made faster. But don’t try to be faster until you have not practiced it for that level.

Backward walking on treadmills has unique advantages. You make it more advantageous through increasing speed. But don’t rush yourself before getting adjusted for such stage. You can increase the speed in 5/10 of a mile-per-hour through practicing it regularly. It depends upon fitness level of walkers and regular practice. The feeling of muscles working and getting toned is better realized with increase in speed.

Interestingly such changing feeling is not realized easily in forward walks unlike you do in the backward walking on treadmills. Practicing backward walks is great support for a towering improvement in the sports performances and for those practices where body balancing is a must.

Benefits and Variations

Although benefits of backward walking on treadmills are many but those often coming into limelight are its capability to enhance the balance of your body which you feel is considered wonderful improvement. Such activities keep your body well managed. Likewise the variations you feel are also amazing. Burn in thighs while setting backward walks on treadmill at merely 2 mph can be assessed better. You achieve an intense high burn when your pace goes fast. Initially you won’t be able to sustain such practice for more than few minutes but doing it regularly would definitely help you achieve desired target.

Preventive Steps

Whenever you practice backward walks on treadmill keep centre of gravity lower to maintain one-quarter squat position. Avoid pitching forward and keep back straight that can help you in intensifying your quadriceps muscles. Such developments are felt in regular backward walking practices. Don’t try to speed up instantly. It is better to start with slow pace and increase speed thereafter when you are properly charged up.

Additional physical advantage is another important benefit of backward walks on treadmill. Those body muscles which couldn’t be benefited directly in straight walks get impacted through this unique walking exercise. Your whole boy feels that changes occurring. Incline walking is an excellent backward walking technique used to make such walks seething.

Practicing Backward Walks

You may feel that others stare at you while you perform backward walks on treadmill. But there is no need to bother about what others may think about you. It is your body and you know it well how to keep it fit. Practice these walks for few minutes regularly to maintain your fitness. You miss out certain benefits in forward walking that your backward walking practice provides. Isn’t it an adventurous practice?

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