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Walking Tips For Seniors

Best Walking Tips For The Senior Citizens

MAY 15 2009

Regular walking is crucial and most noticeable factor benefiting seniors in their overall health condition. Many research finding have brought before us amazing revelations which highlight the benefits of regular walking which is considered best in lowering the risk of death from cancer or any cardiovascular diseases. In the nutshell, regular walk is ready to lend a hand in maintaining prolonged life.

Regular walk has miraculous impact on the health of senior citizens who’s maintaining such practice for one to two miles keep them fit and their regular half an hour walk cut the death risk by 44 percent.

Senior citizens should not cease to walk regularly. Equally important is basic walking tips which should be given prime importance. Have some walking sneaker according to your need and workout a clear cut idea about where and when you would walk. As senior citizens undergo various diseases, they must be briefed about best preventive measures before being asked to walk. It is best to consult a family doctor or physician in case the person has family history of heart disease. Care is required in diabetic conditions and or if any foot problem catches up.

Walking regularly has both long and short term benefits for the senior citizens. This simple exercise is best to control your weight. Seniors can easily maintain their blood sugar and cholesterol level by adopting regular walking. A mere walk of a mile may burn up to 100 calories, and it becomes 300 calories when you walk for at least an hour a day. Balance your diet intake through supporting it by walking to keep your body fit and in balanced manner which ultimately helps it lose weight.

A senior citizen should choose to walk in company rather than going out alone. An energetic and disciplined company keeps you going through regular encouragement even though you just look for avoidance at any stage. This group strategy helps you maintain punctuality. You should follow your walking routine through suitable measurement of it with a pedometer which motivates you in your attempts. It is a great source to keep vigil on your steps which acts as a motivator par excellence for you in an old age.

Furthermore, fix suitable time of a day for walk and don’t deviate from that at any circumstance. Don’t become fast from day one. Rather, you must follow it religiously. Senior citizens should be extra careful in walking by warming up or cooling down. Choose suitable footwear and pay attention to your feet while walking. Soft grounds are preferable but you must avoid walking in the cold weather.

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