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Walking With Kids

Be Extra Careful While Walking With Kids

MAY 24 2009

Consumerism and easy go getter approach have made today’s kids lazy. Obesity and other diseases are rampant due to several known reasons. Nobody has time for walk today. Furthermore pedestrian paths too are vanishing day by day due to unorganised developmental plans. Parents too often feel afraid of letting their wards walk to their schools or the playgrounds alone. Manage time and walk with your kids as and when you get an opportunity. This simple exercise is crucial for your children.

Setting appropriate time for regular family walk with kids is very important for them who feel stronger through this light exercise and develop self-confidence.

You can’t dream of having a pleasant lifestyle without time management from your busy work schedule. Walking is a must for physical fitness. You need it as much as your kids should. It is therefore necessary to workout special time say for half an hour to an hour a day or at least 3 hours in a week. Prioritize this habit in your life and encourage your kids to accompany you in your mission. Think of their impression of you. Kids develop self-confidence while they walk in your company in which they are escorted by you. Always take special care of them and make this exercise a habit.

When you are out for a walk with your kid make it sure that you have also taken your dog along which protects your kid from strangers. Think of some sort of walking events with your kids. An assorted scope of happiness for your family and you can be when your kids participate in a walking competition and you are a proud spectator there. Through this emotive gesture you are helping your child to develop sportsman skills who becomes intelligent.

Don’t waste your waiting time in idle affairs. Make it an opportunity to walk as much as you can and involve your kids in this. This simple habit is a wonderful exercise for both of you. Make this habit more organised by arranging suitable pedometers for your kid who would surely love to count his/her steps while walking. Develop some sort of competitive spirit amongst them and ask them to count their steps accurately. Also, make it certain that more steps means more rewards.

This competitive spirit will help them keep track of their walking which will ultimately inspire them to lean towards sports activities in their future endeavours. This small effort may change their thinking perspective and they would find this initial walking experience sufficient to work for the betterment of their health which should be your ultimate ambition.

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