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Walking and Burning Calories

Burn Extra Calories through Regular Walks

JUN 1 2009

The challenging issue of burning extra calories can be best dealt with through traditional therapies especially walking. Have cautious approach and workout a plan on how to burn calories. Maintaining your dietary habit is also very crucial in it. Eating less and regular physical activities are effective in burning calories.

There is an inseparable link between weight and calories where the fact is doubtless that merely a pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories which should be maintained to attain healthy body.

Increasing physical activities or decreasing the quantity of food or implying both necessitates maintaining fat. Make it your major health practice and remain firm to loose at least 1 to 2 pounds of fat every week for maintaining better health. Apply conventional methods in burning calories by adopting such specific practice.

Planned and steady walks at certain speed help you burn calories as per your desire. It is therefore mandatory to maintain balance between your speed and the distance you are to cover in your regular walks. It becomes more necessary when you are a novice walker. Ensure that covering extra distance is better than increasing your speed. This way you can end at burning 100 calories per mile.

Maintain Routine: Following low speed is more convenient way to burn calories. But it requires punctuality and disciplined lifestyle. Routine walks of each mile at a certain speed bring lots of advantages for you. Walking at low speed provides you an opportunity to stop, warm up and continue your walk besides tracking each of your steps with particular impetus which always keeps you going.

Organized walk also energises your muscles to ready them for further ingenious schedules which you can adopt at the later stages. Resultantly your muscles keep supporting your body to burn extra calories in each of your strides. It must be borne in mind that running to a particular distance may burn extra amount of calories but this practice also invites fatigue and eventually your exhaustion level leaves you nowhere.

Walk to Burn Calories: Don’t rely on the so called miraculous special pills which help your body to “burn” excess calories. They may have instant affect but their side effects are too much severe. Make a checklist of all of your activities which you apply to burn calories. You will find a great difference between the conventional and modern therapeutic methods. Walking is not only easiest of all the methods but its side effects are nil. This simple exercise proves most authentic in keeping the diseases

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