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Walking for Fitness and Weight Loss

Walking Guide for Fitness and Weight Loss

JAN 12 2010

Your walking program must start with tangible planning. It can begin with slow pace at 15 minute walk initially whose pace can be easier and smoother. Don’t workout against the will of your body and walk up to the level it supports you for that. Overworked walking programs invite typical problems including heart attack or strokes. Don’t forget to maintain light stretching routine soon after you wind up walking schedule.

One willing to make walking programs a means to maintain fitness level must get proper guidance before initiating them. Do remember the consequences you may have to face after starting walking programs. There is possibility of having shin splint pain in the very first day of walk. You may face unwanted situations in the first week. Such factors are to be taken carefully as they are commonest scenes for people starting walking programs for fitness and health.

Walking Program

Usually walking for fitness and weight loss programs begin under strict guidance of trainers. Novice people too can start it but none of them should forget planning and punctuality which are key factors of these walks that ascertain achieving best fitness level. The very first rule is that your walk must continue for at least five days in one week. Make sure that initial program goes for 15 minutes in one go.

If you feel that this much of time doesn’t suit you it is better to decrease the time schedule. Don’t be hurry in walks. Maintain easy pace at least in the first week. You can increase speed gradually when regular practice smoothen your walking activity. Another important factor in such walks is maintaining walking posture and paying attention to various other aspects.

Preparation and Program Scheduling

Your walking journey must begin with certain plan for which you require a pair of comfortable walking shoes and walking cloths. Select a location where you will practice walking program. Treadmills too can be preferred. Don’t forget to warm up your body before and after every walking program. It is more important in case walks are longer or faster. Maintaining record of walking time on daily basis and checking functioning of walking shoes or cloths besides the developments in body proves inspirational.

Follow Best Techniques

Calculation of daily or weekly walking programs makes it easy to assess the progress. Your weekly total goal should be of 60 - 75 minutes at initial stage. Check it whether you have achieved success in the first two weeks or not. Once you are thorough with this and delve into this practice try to increase time for five minutes on daily basis. Keep increasing the pace up to the level your body supports you in fulfilling this ambition.

You have to be particular about proper warm up of body. Weekly walking program must end with a day’s rest. Such smaller but effective measures make walking programs constructive and miraculous.

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