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Walking or Jogging for Weight Loss

Losing Weight through Walking or Jogging

APR 6 2011

Losing weight through walking or jogging is possible only if you are doing it on a regular basis and also keeping your diet in check. Comparing walking or jogging for weight loss, then surely walking is said to be better in helping you lose more calories than jogging can do.

It is often a common query for a majority of people to decide whether they should go for walking or jogging for losing weight. Weight loss no doubt is a grave problem which is affecting countless of people.

Comparing Walking and Jogging:

While some people prefer to jog others are happy to walk.

The researches have proved that both walking and jogging are the best for our body as they will give strength to our body and also keep us physically active and fit.

Walking is more often advocated for old people since it runs the risk of lesser injuries than jogging.

Jogging puts much greater pressure on the joints and hence it is not much recommended.

Walking is a low impact exercise so it is more often opted for by the runners.

You need to know that you cannot lose weight in a day or two, you need to be consistent in your efforts, so keep doing the exercises be it walking or jogging daily and it is only after few months that results will be visible.

Walking is a slow process but if followed regularly will surely help you to burn calories.

You need to change your diet plan if you want faster results.

Start by walking slowly and only when you feel comfortable that you need to increase your speed.

Walking is said to be good in terms of long term effects also.

Jogging will help you burn calories but it is going to have a short term effect only.

How Walking will Help You in Losing Weight:

If you have been walking on flat surfaces than this will help you lose weight but if you want more effective results within a few months time then surely you need to walk on the inclines.

Walking on the inclines is known to burn more calories than walking on the pavements.

If you are unable to walk on the incline, then surely treadmill will serve as a better option for you to do the same.

Walking is said to be far more superior than jogging provided that it is being done at the right speed.

A test was done on a few people to see whether walking or jogging is better in order to lose weight. It showed that both can be a good option for losing weight but it all depends upon how much time you are spending on doing the same.

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