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Walking or Running to Burn Fat

Burning Fat by Walking or Running

APR 9 2011

Burning fat by walking and running is possible but it also depends upon how your speed and efficiency. Running helps you to build up more of endurance and thereby is better than walking. Between deciding walking or running to burn fat, you should opt for the latter one, as it is better.

Most of the people who want to burn the fat are on the lookout for the best possible option which will help them in getting rid of the extra weight, while some opt for running as the medium others prefer to go for walking. However there appears a bit of confusion in the minds of all as to whether walking or running is better from the point of view of losing weight.

Running is known to be a great calorie burner than walking. Since running is said to put greater pressure on the joints which in turn increases metabolism also, so it is likely to have greater benefits.

Factors Responsible for Burning Fat:

  • There are a number of factors which contribute to burning fat be it through running or walking.
  • Whether you are losing weight through running or through walking will also depend upon your speed- how fast you are doing that particular exercise. If you are a slow runner then surely you will lose less weight than the one who is a fast walker.
  • It is very important to build up your endurance when you are running, so that you can run for longer period of time. This ensures that your metabolism too increases.
  • If you find it difficult to run for longer hours, then what you can do is to divide your time between running and walking.
  • Walking for few minutes and then running will also prove to be helpful.
  • Walking too is known to lose weight but it should be done at a certain specific heart rate.

Losing Weight through Running:

  • One can see the marathon runners who are having slim bodies, the reason being their effective running sessions which help them burn more calories.
  • If you are having lesser time for cardio workouts then surely you should go for running.
  • Running is known to be having far more greater advantages than walking, hence it is all the more preferred.
  • The more sweat you are able to bring out after your running or walking program the more weight you are going to lose.
  • You should also see that you are taking your diet into consideration when you go for any kind of exercise to lose weight because if you don’t control what you eat then neither running nor walking will do any good to you.
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