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Walking with Dumbbells

Benefits of Walking with Dumbbells

JAN 8 2010

Walking somehow faster solves many problems. Likewise walking up and down the hills too helps you increase your body resistance. Don’t forget applying workable and preventive measures like adding weight to hand through dumbbells.

Such initiatives can be started with the light weighted dumbbells. More weight may be increased later on undergoing regular practice that helps in increasing body metabolism. You achieve success in burning extra fat.

Dumbbells offer unique experience to walkers. You can use real weight in such procedure to tone up your body. This practice is an ultimate choice for shedding extra body fat. Take precaution by using lighter and intense dumbbells alternatively in your walks. Such arrangement is best for burning calories properly. You also get the feeling of increased body metabolism. Best grip of dumbbells is necessary. Select special point in the dumbbell for gripping during these walks to lessen possibility of slipping. Some dumbbells come with rubber coatings which give excellent grip. You can have them for such walks.

Why Walking With Dumbbells

The fact can’t be denied that walking is unique exercise to maintain best physic through losing weight. When you walk with dumbbells its impact becomes manifold. Major reason behind it is that your body involves more strenuously when bearing the dumbbell weight. You must maintain the walking pace while heart rate increases, especially if walking faster – and in this arrangement you achieve grand success to burn extra fat.

Additional Benefits

Besides wavering extra weight from body walking with dumbbells is of great support to strengthen body muscles. You should be cautious in this attempt. Carelessness or having extra weighted dumbbells would land you in typical problem and your muscles may tear or get injured rather than improving your stamina. In normal walks you burn nearly five to eight extra calories per mile but walking with dumbbells increases the benefit and burning become more perforating. Dumbbells are best for strengthening exercises. They are versatile exercising tools and are convenient for walking. A set of good quality dumbbells is enough to get started for any special walk.

How to Use Dumbbells for Walking?

Use both of your hands and involve them in grasping dumbbells while walking. Maintain proper distance of at least 8 inches in front of chest while walking with them. Maintain shoulder width and your body back should be straight with slower bending. Special care is to be taken for knees and thighs as well through right posturing. Grasp of dumbbells with palms facing forward is best option. Bring them up to the ear height.

It is true that dumbbells are integral part of fitness routine meant for weight reduction, weight control and muscle toning like it does for advanced workouts. Fitness requires involvement of both mind and body. Motivation and determination remains crucial in them. You stay fit with best combination of walking and exercising. Dumbbells are unique to make your walks most suitable.

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