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Warm up Exercises for Legs

Different Warm up Exercises for Legs

JUL 28 2011

There are various types of warm up exercises for legs like Adductors, Flexors, toe and heel walks, soleus, quadriceps standing and more. The prime aim of the warm up exercises for legs is to make the legs flexible enough and give strength to the muscles of the legs. Do these regularly.

The prime aim of warm up exercises is to make the body flexible before running or jogging so as to reduce the risk of injuries in the athletes.

Warm up For Legs:

  • The warm up should begin on a slow note and atleast 10-15 minutes need to be given to it to get the best results.
  • It is important that the stretching exercises which you are doing as part of the warm up should not be overstrained or else you might suffer from pain.
  • When you intend to do warm up exercises for legs make sure you are wearing either shorts or track suits instead of any tight pants.
  • When you start, stretch the muscles to a level that it doesn’t hurt. Keep stretching to that point and keep it in that position for at least 20-25 seconds.
  • Give sometime for relaxation around 15 seconds and then start with the exercise again.
  • Hip stretching forms an essential part of the warm up exercise meant for legs. Make sure you are doing it in the right way.

Types of Warm up Exercises:

  • Adductors- is said to be one of the most important hip stretching exercise which is primarily performed by the athletes. In this, you should stand in a straight position and keep your feet apart. Keep one knee straight and bend on the other knee. You need to bend till a slight stretch is felt.
  • Flexors- this is also equally important like adductors. In this warm up you have to lie down on your side and you need to grab the ankle of your leg with one of the hands. Keep in this position for around 15 seconds and then gently take the ankle backwards.
  • Soleus- You should stand on a flat ground in a straight position but the feet should be at a distance of around half a stride. Keep your hands on your hip and then lower down your body and your entire weight should rest on the rear foot.
  • Toe and heel walks is also said to be excellent warm up exercises for legs. In this you need to walk on your toes and this will give flexibility to your calves which is good for your legs.
  • When going for toe walk make sure your legs are straight and if in case you fee pain it is best to stop for a few seconds and then continue again.
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