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Watches for Marathon

Marathon Training Watches

SEP 30 2008

Having the right equipment when you are engaging in marathon event can really make a huge improvement in terms of your performance. One of the gears that you commonly need is a marathon watch.

This is so dependent on the kind of runner that you are. Of course if you are just an average runner and never into speed sessions, then you might not need a watch.

If you are serious about marathon then it is advisable to check the progress that you are making. Buying a watch particularly for marathon is not that easy. You need to consider several things. One is the memory function of the watch. This is to record the mile and time in the race or lap. You might also want to see if the watch has a countdown timer. This is not that essential but good to have especially if you are in the training stage.

You will be surprised that watches vary in terms of their functions. Sometimes features can be useful than others. For people who aren’t into gadgets, marathon watches are very easy to use. Some of the models of the watches can show you the mode in the screen and can guide you step by step. It would be advisable if you read the instruction manual first so that you can use the watch to its fullest. Don’t get intimidated with the different functions your watch has to offer. It is so important if you know the basics first. Buy a watch with a screen that is readable enough. It is also better if you consider the buttons of the watch. It will be best if you can press them easily while you are running. There are marathon watches that are water resistant. Some of them even have a wake up alarm and glow in the dark backlight. Here are some marathon watches available.

  • Adidas FX100 This split face watch is very innovative one. Aside from its design, it has a usable feature that fits anybody’s lifestyle. It has big rubber buttons that is so easy to press. The best part is that it has an interval training function perfect for getting ready for a marathon.
  • Nike Triax S Series Stamina Nike is known to be a popular running watch and with this model, it has continuously set the trend. This watch got a circadian curve construction that seemed to be perfect for the wrist making it easy to read the numbers. Its memory is excellent and you can store at least a hundred run. There is also a pace calculator to monitor the average pace in your run.
  • Polar S620. This piece of equipment is a heart monitor as well as a marathon watch at the same. It is so excellent and very easy to use. Its features are quite impressive. With this watch you can set up different interval sessions that includes warm up and cool down.
  • Timex Ironman This is best if you want to do a 100 lap memory. It also got a count down timer and heart rate monitor.


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