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Weekly Walking Workouts

Weekly Walking Habits

OCT 17 2009

Weekly walking workouts must be planned steadily. Warming up for 10 minutes before starting your walk is equally important. Walkers may walk faster for 200 meters for 30 seconds thereafter. Once they do so they may calm down for a while for nearly 30 seconds. An easy pace for next 2 minutes proves helpful.

30 seconds speed must be repeated for 8 to 12 times. They may though cool down with 10 minute easy pace. Entire week can be divided for workout and rest to make it highly workable.

Having steady tempo in weekly walking workout is necessary by starting with 10 minute warm up and walking 20 to 30 minutes regularly alongside adequate rest.

Most important factor in weekly walking workout is to follow balancing act through having required warm up and maintaining speed so that it doesn’t exceed to lactate threshold. Hard and longer workouts should be ignored. Walking workout at right pace is key factor of this weekly schedule. In fact there are lots of varieties and options to explore in such workouts. Though such walks burn fats slowly but they are amazing fat-burning options.

Planning is important for the whole week. One day is exclusive for economy workouts which support walkers to build speed whereas next two days are meant for threshold walking. This arrangement guides walkers to prepare them for specific aerobic performances.

Further Planning:

As all weekly walking workouts are based upon specific rules third consecutive day must be specified for long distance walking. Walkers can choose a day for rest in between to keep body metabolism intact because rest is important in this extensive walk. At times weekly schedules are also advised for some mix and match workouts. Whatever planning you do violating rules is not permissible in them.

In nutshell weekly workouts must have a day of economy walk meant to develop speed, two specific days for threshold walks to ready oneself for aerobic performance, one day for long distance walks and remaining days for rest and ease walking. Preferably Monday is considered rest day in such workouts.

The Routine:

Every weekly walking workout should begin with warm up and slight normal walk for 10 to 15 minutes on fields or treadmill at normal pace. One can count steps with the help of pedometers which easily monitor whether walkers complete required target of 2,000 steps or not. Thereafter walkers must strive to win target of covering a mile in about 20 minutes but it should be maintained comfortably with best posturing – neck, upper back and shoulders must remain in relaxed mode.

Preventive Steps:

Swaying of lower back must be minimised. Maintaining slight, natural arch in back is preferable. Even abdominal muscles should be pulled up with care which strengthens abs besides reducing lower-back pain.

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