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Weight Loss for Runners

Tips for Runners to Lose Weight

JAN 6 2011

There are various tips for runners to lose weight which are available and if followed will help the runners a lot. Weight loss for runners is possible if a combination of both running and diet is followed. This implies along with running what you are eating also matters a lot. Try to include carbohydrates in your diet. Make goals for your running and try to achieve them.

Running is said to be one of the best exercises for losing weight. A large number of people opt for running in order to lose weight. All those who intend to lose weight with the help of running should first of all consult a doctor. Once he says yes only then he should go for the same. In some of the cases you might have to start your programme not just by running but by walking and slowly build up the running process. This is known to improve the overall cardiovascular system of the runners.

Your Running Strategies

Once you have started your running programme, you will be able to modify it according to your needs. Running for one mile will help you to lose as much as 100 calories of weight which is a significant amount if you do it on a daily basis.

You also need to be aware of your calorie requirements, since to reduce weight you have to lower down your calorie intake as well. You have to set realistic goals for achieving the weight loss. You need to decide as to how much you are going to run per day so that you will lose weight.

Balance between diet and Running

You need to make a perfect balance of running with diet. So in order to burn more calories you should try to avoid taking fast food. You have to reduce the intake of alcohol as well and try to increase the glasses of water which you are drinking. Try to include more of carbohydrates in the diet which should come particularly from whole grains and cereals.

Running to reduce weight also depends upon the distance you are running. Though it is not easy to increase the distance in a day or two rather you should try to increase it almost on a weekly basis. Try to run fast but stay away from injuries. If in case you suffer from any of the injuries it is advised that you take rest and let the heals wound.

Intense running is needed if you are interested in burning more of the fat. So try to run fast and with intensity if you want to burn the fat since faster you run the better it is. But it also needs to be remembered that you should not run excessively or else you will run the risk of various diseases. A balance of all things is needed.

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