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Weight Training for Marathon Runners

Need of Weight Training for Marathon Runners

JAN 27 2010

Weight training for marathon runners is a must and need to be done since the beginning. It is important to know the proper process of lifting weight since lifting will make you faster and stronger. It will also make you more balanced and resistant to injury. There is a need of weight training for marathon runners to keep their muscles fit and flexible.

Most of the runners who lift weight do it in a wrong way and thus may suffer injury also. They may be picking up superlight weights just for the purpose of endurance or they won’t be lifting their legs. Thus the basic aim of weight training is lost in the process.

Weight Training for Runners

Since the runners are likely to develop specific muscle imbalances, they will have hurting knees because their knee cap will be pulled off to one side. So in such a case it is important that you undergo some training which will give you balance and strength.

A good balance of squats, lunges, dead lifts are some of the ways in which your leg will be able to gain strength. You need to work out basically in those seasons when you won’t be running. During such times, it is important for you to take complete rest, give yourself proper nourishment as well as train yourself and get injuries healed. You can also have sessions where you run less and train more. If you are not going to compete then you can simply lift a couple of times per week all the year round. This will tone up your muscles in a better way.

What to do in Training

When you go for training, then you need to focus on the movements and not just the muscles. Athletes need to work in coordinated movements. There are basically six human patterns and the training is also concerned with these movements alone- Squat, Push, Pull, Twist, Bend, and Run. Remember these movements will give you the much needed strength to run long distances. You need to keep a stopwatch in order to know how much times you will be taking to complete the training.

But you shouldn’t go for training without a goal. Always keep your goal in mind when you proceed. Your goal may vary for example it can be to improve your running time or endurance, toning your body muscles. Always be sure what exercises are fit for you, so train under the guidance of a proper trainer who will tell you what to do and what not to do. You need to take small breaks in between or else muscles may worn down.
If you are a beginner in marathon then you will need six months of complete training. There training programme will be somewhat different than that of the Advanced and Intermediate Distance runner. You also need to go for jogging, cycling, and swimming in order to keep your body healthy and active for the final run.

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