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Weight Workout for Runners

Runners Weight Workout Plan

FEB 28 2011

Runners workout programme has to be thought about in the right manner if best results have to be taken out. There are various weight management workouts like fartlek, long distance run, retro workouts and many more. These are said to help in maintaining weight. You can run on the treadmill if you want to practise inside your home.

A number of workout programme are available for runners which they need to perform for their weight control. Keeping your weight under control is one of the most essential aspect for runners which they have to do through a number of workouts which might be at home, on the road or in the gym. It all depends upon the medium in which you are feeling comfortable. In winter months most of the runners prefer to opt for treadmill running which is considered to be a far better workout than running outdoors.

Retro workouts

A number of runners go for Retro workout. This is done by those runners who have to develop the balance and strength in their body as well as a coordination. You can do this for as much a s10 minutes which is going to be perfect for you. Yet another kind of workout is the Trail Hike. Manually you can change the treadmill’s incline so that when you perform the workout it appears as if you are climbing a mountain. This is said to be a very interesting kind of a workout which is performed by the runners.

Going for long runs is advised highly to all the runners. It is considered to be one of the most interesting and beneficial kind of workout for all and hence need to be done. This prepares you more and more for marathon running as well as helps to build up your endurance level. You should start with small runs and thereon once you have developed the habit try to run for more hours. But after every four weeks it is advised that you have to take a break so as to give a rest to your body from running.

Fartlek workout

Fartlek is one of the favourite workouts of most of the runners. It is basically done by those runners who don’t opt for interval training or speed running. In this kind of workout, you choose a landmark and then run to reach it and then you jog back. In the similar fashion you have to choose yet another landmark. This is not just fun but a great workout if done in the right spirit.

Weight training also needs to be managed by the runners in the right manner if they are really interested in a proper workout and running session. Weight training is said to be particularly helpful in distance running and hence recommended for the runners.

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