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What Causes Cramps When Running

Causes of Cramps While Running

JUN 2 2010

What causes cramps when running is a serious problem faced by a number of runners, who are unaware of the prime reasons responsible for the same. The runners need to know that stretching before starting the running exercise can help in preventing the cramps. Causes of cramps while running are many and you need to be know them to avoid the cramps.

There are a number of runners who often complain that they suffer from cramps while running. This is a common complain and most of the runners are really afraid to carry on their running but a little precaution can help you save yourself from the unnecessary cramps. Muscle cramps basically occur after running. A major cause of cramps is the wrong running posture, if the toe is not bending properly in the right direction.

Causes of Cramps

Cramps occur primarily because of lack of water in your body. Dehydration may lead to cramps as well as side stitches. So it is essential that you keep a water bottle handy when you go for running or exercise. Keep drinking water and thus it will be possible to prevent cramps on a larger scale.

Most of the runners are ignorant of the fact that stretching before the running is quite helpful in preventing cramps. Basically all the runners simply start to run immediately without any proper stretching or exercise. This puts extra burden on the body muscles and the runner might suffer from pain in the abdomen.

Don’t overeat before running. Make sure you have taken a light diet only, rather than going for heavy meals. Try to avoid spicy, or oil rich food just before the run. It is better to have pasta the night before.

How to Avoid Cramps

You can avoid cramps while running, if you follow a proper exercise routine, this implies breathing properly while running. There are many runners who might not be breathing properly, instead of taking shorter breaths; it is good if you take full and complete breaths while running. Regulating your breathing along with the space of your running is very important.

You also need not exert yourself excessively with regard to running. Giving yourself a break in between exercise days is utmost important. Over stressing your feet and body too may be responsible for the cramps.

Running cramps are one of the worst things which runners would want to suffer from since they may spoil the entire mood of the runners. Apart from muscle cramps and side stitches, there are a few runners who might suffer from heat cramps also. Heat cramps occurs due to heat exhaustion if you have been running for a long period of time in the heat.

Stay conditioned, since the better conditioned you are the better it is for you to enjoy the run with proper energy. Running cramps are in no way a serious problem provided you are taking precautions while running.

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