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What I Normally Wear to Run on Foul Weather

Running Kit for Foul Weather

APR 17 2008

For people like me where sports has been a lifestyle and training as a way of life, no foul weather can stop me from doing what I love most: running. Though cold weather and winter makes running more difficult than usual, I find that these challenges only makes running more exciting and enjoyable.

Running in foul weather is no easy task. One has to consider a number of factors before braving the cold and risking danger. One has to consider how bad the weather is, how visible the roads are and the availability of proper running apparel.

Though running is a relatively simple sport, still one cannot ignore the demands of proper running attire. Following a few precautions on clothing may spell the difference between a successful and safe run from one where you end up in the hospital.

So, what does one wear to run on a foul weather? I found out that the number one enemy of runners during a bad weather is frostbite. This usually happens in the ears and fingers. Frozen toes are usually avoided because runners keep moving. However, it would do you well to avoid deep snow.

The most important thing to keep warm is your extremities which include your head, hands and feet. The warmer these parts of the body are, the less you need to wear on the other parts of your body. To warm my ears, I usually wear a stocking hat that runs past my earlobes. I usually keep my hair long during cold weather as hair is a great protection for the ears.

For my hands and fingers I wear woodchopper mittens and not gloves. I discovered that the best mittens are the ones where the inner mitten is made of wool and the outer mitten is thick leather. This may cost more but in the long run it actually saves you a lot of money, not to mention pain from frostbite.

There’s more blood circulation in your face so it resists cold better than your ears and fingers. However, the tip of your nose is particularly vulnerable for frostbite so I recommend that you wear a ski mask.

To protect your body, I recommend that you wear layers of clothing rather than one thick clothe. The spaces in between the layers help to confine the heat inside. Wear a fit but breathable first layer that keeps the moisture or sweat away from your body. Usually, those that are made from ‘wicking’ material does the job. The second layer must be made from breathable material. Fleece sweatshirts are best for these. Choose those that have lots of vents and zippers for added comfort. Wear an outer layer that is water and wind-resistant. Choose outer layers that are reflective so that you are visible during bad weather. Socks that are thick and made from synthetic material are also recommended. Buy shoes that are large enough to accommodate thick socks.

There you have it, though foul weather may make running a bit difficult it doesn’t make it impossible. It even adds a little thrill to the sport. Just remember to follow the simple recommendations above and you’ll be alright. Happy running!

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