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What are The Possible Elliptical Injuries

Elliptical Injuries You May Suffer From

FEB 10 2010

Once you start using elliptical machines you should know the possible elliptical injuries. This will guide you in performing carefully at the machine. Elliptical injuries you may suffer from includes knee pain, strains or joint pain depending upon your previous injuries or poor health. So when you move your joints on these then are likely to get an injury.

Elliptical injuries are possible if you do not take in to account proper care. Though elliptical machines are designed specifically to avoid injuries and stress on joints. But the situation becomes grave when you have been suffering from poor health or an injury from beforehand. The main aim of these elliptical is to give you the same benefit which you might get when you go out to walk or jog.

How can the Injury Occur

Elliptical machines allow full and complete exercise to the person concerned. But you need to stay from these if you have joint pain or if you have broken your ankle few months back since the situation would worsen further if you use the machines. Some of the injuries may occur either because they are not properly adjusted or fitted in the perfect manner. If you are using elliptical machines continuously and then stop using them all of a sudden it can prove disastrous for you.

You are likely to suffer from pain in the neck and back along with pain in the knees. It will become even tough for you to sit on a chair for long hours. This often happens when you are habitual of doing a certain thing and then stop it all of a sudden. This results in strain of the muscles system. If such is the case then it is essential that you take out time for some low level exercises stretching, yoga, walking. This will make you more relaxed and also solve your problem.

Though people use it because of it being joint friendly but still injuries occur when the machine is being used improperly. The most severe may be the acute injury pain which primarily occurs in such a case. The pain will occur suddenly and may aggravate further if not properly treated. The knee pain sometimes also occurs because of over use of the elliptical machine.

If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle for a long period of time but suddenly you start working for long hours on the elliptical machines then you are likely to suffer from knee pain. The main aim in such case should be to maintain a proper balance. It is important that you do not ignore the pain since it might lead to bursitis and tendonitis.

Prevention of the Injuries

The first step should be to properly warm up your body before you go on the machine. Try to use it regularly but do not over use it as it may prove harmful. Don’t push yourself or your body too hard on the machine.

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