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What are the Rules of Running

Basic Rules of Running

OCT 21 2008

People live by the rules. Whether we like it or not, we are bound to follow certain kind of rules. Some of them are written and some of them are not, but regardless of how it is imposed, we still follow them. In the running, we also follow rules that can affect the way we run.

Runners usually learn them the hard way or they learn them from other professional runners.

Most of us don’t know this unless we tried it. As they say, experience is the best teacher. If you are new in running it will be best if you know about these rules.

  • Adding an extra hour to your sleep. When you start to adapt the runner’s lifestyle, your body will tend to adapt to it. Your body may feel more fatigue than ever. If you want to give your body a chance to adjust on your routine, it is advisable if you add at least and hour in your sleeping time. If for example you normally sleep for 8 hours, then you need to make it 9. This will certainly have an effect in your body. You will be able to run better. Getting enough sleep is so critical because this can add to your performance.
  • The hard to easy rule. You need to pace yourself when it comes to your running schedule. Say today you ran hard the next day you might want to take it easy. In easy day, your distance is much shorter and pace much slower. This will give your body time to adjust and recover from fatigue and illness.
  • There is what you call a pace rule. Your body needs to run a minute and half slower so that you can give your body a chance to recover.
  • It usually takes a day before your body recover for every mile you run. People tend to ignore this rule but as an effect they have slow recovery and prone injury. It takes a month for your body to get fully recover when you join a full marathon. This is done to avoid burning out and injury. This is hard to follow especially if you are in prime shape and is thinking about beating personal records
  • The 10 second fast start rule is saying that you can only run the first mile of the race 10 seconds faster without really giving a difference in the finishing time.
  • 20 second double distance rule is that you slowdown 20 second each time you double your distance.
  • The weight plays an important role when you want to win the race. We need to run two second per mile per pound to lose weight.
  • They say that it will take 10 years for a runner to improve the race time after starting a serious training. It really can encourage beginners to start training hard and make sacrifices.
  • The course of the race should be certified by the USATF.


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