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What is Technical Running Gear

Technical Running Kit

APR 15 2008

Itís pretty amazing what love does to a person. It makes things that seem insignificant and trivial become important and even essential. This applies both in loving people and in loving sports.

When I started running, I had no clue as to how amazing the sport can be. I thought that running was easy and simple. I never thought that running would open up a whole new world for me. With its own varied needs and its unique joys.

When I started running I had no idea as to the first thing that I should do. I had no clue what to buy or where to go. I thought that the only thing I need to be able to run is my trusty sneakers, t-shirts and jogging pants. I later found out that I was wrong.

Running is not merely an activity or a hobby but a sport that requires special attention, time, skill and money. Aside from learning the doís and doníts in running, I also stumbled upon the idea of a technical running gear.

Technical running gear is a collection or list of the things, equipment, clothes and gear that one needs to achieve performance, not to mention comfortable and safe, running experience. It may be a bit expensive, one may even say itís extravagant, but it offers benefits and features that none everyday gear offer.

A runner who is serious in the sports needs serious equipment. Just like in golf where one needs the proper golf club to hit the ball or in baseball where it is essential that a player has a bat and a ball, running also requires its own set of equipment to be able to enjoy it properly. These includes not only the proper running shoes but also the proper or technical running clothes such as running shirts, running skirts, running pants, running underwear, running socks and various running footwear.

The sports has its own needs that each of these technical running gear addresses. Take for example running shoes. If you really love running and you want to take it seriously as a sport, you do not just go to the store and pick out any random rubber shoes to wear for running. You have to consider where you are going to run, what type of terrain you will be encountering and what possible climate you will meet in the way. You must also consider how heavy or light you are or what type of foot arch you have or if you have any special injuries. All of these must be considered in finding the right running shoes for you.

Running also requires that you buy technical running apparel. This means that the clothes you wear nearest to your skin, like underwear, sports bra, tights or top, must be designed to wick or pull away the moisture or sweat from your body. Cotton-made clothes tend to soak sweat and this may cause pulmonary disease to the runner. Technical apparel also dries quickly.

Technical clothing are also recommended as they are breathable, lightweight and less bulky. They are designed especially for athletes and one does not really realize how comfortable they are until they tried technical clothing.

Technical running gear may seem expensive at first but they are durable and they last a long time. In the end they give you your moneyís worth. Once I learned to love running I also learned the running essentials. Technical running gear is a must and once youíve tried it youíll know what Iím talking about.

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