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What is The Lightest Running Shoe

Light Weight Running Shoes

DEC 15 2010

There are various types of light weight running shoes which are available in the market today. Nike offers some of the best light weight shoes which are comfortable to wear and are breathable as well. Some of the shoes like PUMA Women’s Trace Mesh running shoes are available for women runners also.

There are a large range of shoes which are available in the market today but it is quite difficult to choose the best one and also the lightest running shoes.

Almost a number of shoe options are available in the light weight category and each is filled with so many good features. Nike offer some very good shoes which are lightweight for the runners. These are basically sneakers but are quite light weight and hence considered good for running.

The sneaker basically is having a light weight upper which is made up of a fuse framework, something not found in other running shoes of the similar kind. These shoes consist of breathable mesh as well. A new kind of technology is being used in these shoes called as the LunarLon which ensures that shoes are having an effective cushioning system. There are various colours which too are said to be found in these shoes and hence you can choose the one which suits you the best.

Nike Shox- are also said to be quite good lightweight running shoes meant for runners. They are having a breathable mesh features and are also light weight, since they allow the air to pass through so your foot is never filled with sweat which is good feature. This prevents various diseases in the foot which might be caused due to sweat accumulation.

Some of the running shoes are good for women runners also. These shoes are also light weight for the female runners.

PUMA Women’s Trace Mesh Running Shoes- these shoes are said to be good not just for women athletics but you can also wear them in your everyday routine also. These shoes are breathable and consist of mesh upper, they are also having effective lacing system and also cushioning. These shoes have a padded tongue collar also. The good aspect is that they offer a very good traction system and are known to be having great shock absorption features. Thus you can wear these shoes with ease and comfort without having to worry at all as they are light weight as well.

Men’s Merrell Hyperbolic – these shoes are having some of the great features which make them a worth buying light weight running shoes for the runners. These are said to be very comfortable running shoes and also consist of breathable upper mesh. You can wear them casually as well. They are one of the best shoes available.

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