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What to Eat Before Running a Half Marathon

Selecting Your Diet Before Running a Half Marathon

AUG 10 2010

Job of a runner becomes difficult in deciding about diet to be taken or preparing any diet schedule before participating in half marathon race. Novice runners showing least interest in the preparation often encounter obscure circumstances. Such people may not give importance to diet selection and go with wrong dietary options. It invites uninvited problems though. For best preparation and to maintain fitness prefer selective diet prior to joining a marathon.

Eating less as well as overeating proves worse for half marathon runners. Same thing applies to making choice of wrong food or bad timing that can’t suit the need. These are most noticeable factors that can’t be ignored at any level when preparing diet chart prior to taking part in a half marathon race. Food items which are helpful to develop stamina and strengthen muscles are to be preferred. There are many varieties to choose from but you must remain particular about selecting food before going ahead to become part and parcel of half marathon race.

What to Eat?

Power foods are sold in the market. Such items are prepared by all runners. Do remember to follow instructions carefully through before you eat them. Excess use of these items can prove dangerous, so are they worse if taken at wrong time. Trainers advise participating team to have usual food items with few additional boosters before run. Taking anything new for the sake of experimentation is a bad idea.

Eggs or cereals are good but they too can turn problematic if taken heavily. In fruits you can take bananas that charge your body by providing energy, so is good yogurt for maintaining fitness.

Food Selection:

Concentration should be on selection of food for previous night – dinner – and breakfast on the day of half marathon. Care should be taken in advance to keep all unavoidable circumstances away because you are entering into a competition in half marathon. It is better to avoid overeating to keep stomach maintained and metabolism is not misbalanced. You may have light pasta night before actual start of the half marathon.

It is good to eat a banana or two, as need may be, before participating in race. Professional runners prefer GU during half marathons. You should also be aware of proper intake. Whatever you take is not the matter of great concern. Hydrate your body properly.

Training and Food Chart:

In fact trainers prepare you for half marathon on many grounds when asking you to apply few things on self and follow total lifestyle makeover– a change in diet chart is one of the aspects. You are trained through “proxy marathons” and asked to eat items which are beneficial for final turn. If you are a success in adopting that in training schedule you come to know the best diet choice before actual running.

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