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What to Wear When Running in the Cold Weather

Cold Weather Running Gear

APR 29 2008

Running is one of the most effective exercises. There are many health benefits that can be derived from running. First and foremost, running is a very effective way to lose weight. It burns calories faster than walking, as most of our muscles are involved in this exercise.

Further, running improves the circulation of the blood, the cardiovascular system, and enhances the mood of a person. Aside from the health benefits, most people find running as a fun and very enjoyable hobby.

The benefits of running can be maximized if done everyday, or at least three times a week. The cold weather however, poses a challenge for running enthusiasts. At first, I find it very difficult to run when it is cold. This is due to the fact that I have to wear layers and layers of clothes to keep me warm enough as I run. Although I do not feel cold, the layers of clothes are not comfortable. I then decided to visit the sport shop in our area and found some very interesting cold-weather running gears. I found these very useful and convenient.

First, the upper body must be covered by layers. A long-sleeve base layer should be made of wicking material. This is to keep the sweat away from the body. If it gets colder, a second layer must come in hand. It should release the right amount of vapor to keep sweat away from the body, at the same time, keeping the runner warm. The last layer should be a wind and water proof jacket. It is also better if the jacket is reflecting. It serves as a precautionary measure to prevent accidents, especially those involving vehicles.

When running, more muscles are involved in the legs. Tights and running pants should be made of synthetic material to keep the legs warm. Hats and gloves are much needed when the temperature gets very cold. The hat should be made of wool or fleece to prevent the head from getting cold, which loses approximately 40% of heat when running during cold weather. The gloves should be windproof and have wool lining to generate more heat. Mittens are advisable when running in extremely cold weather as the hand generates heat better when the fingers are closer to each other.

Socks should also be made of materials, which keep away the moisture from the feet. This is to keep the feet warm at the same time preventing blisters. Last, but certainly not the least is the running shoes. There are many winter running shoes available in the market today. Design should not, on the other hand, sacrifice comfort and convenience. It should be breathable. It must also have a good fit to be comfortable.

The shoes should not be made of cotton so moisture stays away preventing blisters. It must also be waterproof or with special cleats attached to prevent water from getting inside the shoe. This is especially advisable when running in the snow. Proper cold-weather attire is a must to fully enjoy running and its benefits. The cold weather should not be a hindrance in pursuit of a healthy and fit body.

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