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When to Replace Your Running Shoes

Perfect Time to Buy a New Running Shoe

OCT 20 2008

Running shoes are needed to be replaced if there is a sign of worn out. This can prevent one from having injuries. Rubber shoes can loose its ability to absorb shock and because of this, it is needed to be replaced. It is not always required to wait till it gets worn out to get replaced, you should log your miles with the shoes and replace it on time.

Usually you need to change your shoes every 6 months or depending on how many miles you have run. It is advisable to have alternative running shoes.

Rubber shoes are considered as equipment that is quite essential when it comes to running activity. It certainly has a great impact on your performance. If you are running in shoes that are old and worn out, then there might be a chance that you may incur an injury. Rubber shoes have a tendency to lose its ability to absorb shock and also its stability. As a result, your legs and feet may encounter a great stress that can lead to injury. The solution is simple. All you need to do is to replace your running choice when you observe that is already worn out. The mid sole layer is the first one to be worn out. This provides the stability and cushioning. If this part is worn out, most likely you will risk of having injury. There are lots of factors when it comes to how long your shoes will last. To be honest, there is no answer when it comes to miles or months, because it is different for every runner. However there are several ways to determine when is the right time to replace your shoes with a new one.

The first thing to watch out for is the mileage of how long did you use your running shoes. Generally for runners, you need to change your shoes when you already run for about 300-500 miles. Meaning to say that you need to estimate how many miles you have run with your running shoes. You might wonder how you can gauge this. Keeping track of your distance is actually the best way that you can track of the mileage that you have. You may want to keep track of the distance that you have run after buying a new pair of shoes. Aside from keeping a log, as a runner it is advisable to know how you feel after you run. If there is a pain or discomfort, maybe it’s a sign that you actually need to replace a running shoes. This will definitely have an improvement.

Time is another factor that you need to take into consideration when it comes to determining that you need a new pair of shoes. If you are an active runner, six months is the ideal time. Take note that the miles you run are important compared to the time. Another factor is the running style that you have. Some runners might be quite heavy than the others and as a result, the heavier impact it is on the shoes. Runners may also have different striking pace so they most likely need to replace their running shoes all the time if they have stronger one. Runners who have an accurate running style may find it easier to determine when is the time to change their shoes. A tip is to actually have more than one a pair of shoes. This way you can alternate them anytime you want. You need to purchase two shoes or you can actually buy one halfway through the life of the first one.

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