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Why My Back Hurts When I Walk

Back Pain While Walking

MAY 24 2010

Why my back hurts when I walk? It is basically due to the over stressing of the muscles and due to inappropriate walking patterns. In order to avoid back pain while walking, you need to perform certain exercises like Cat stretch, Camel Stretch which protects the back from pain of any kind.

Back pain while walking is a problem faced by not just by the runners but also by common people. Back pain if become severe can have a very bad effect on not just your health but also your routine work and lifestyle which you might find difficult to carry on satisfactorily.

Causes of Back Pain

There are a number of factors responsible for back pain. The prime being years of inactive living and suddenly you start exercising and walking over long hours. Since the body has become used to being passive it finds it tough to gear up to the changed routine and hence back pain occurs.

Back pain may not be visible at once. It takes time to emerge. Sometimes sleeping on wrong bed may also be a cause or inappropriate use of pillow. Lack of good diet with proper vitamins and minerals too may be a cause. Over a period of time, the muscles become weak and degenerated leading to back pain when you walk. Sometimes the pain may begin in some other part of the body but over a period of time it may spread to other areas like neck, back, upper and lower abdomen.

Sometimes a small activity like sneezing or coughing or lifting a heavy object too may cause back pain which becomes evident when you walk.

Preventing Back Pain

Since the causes of back pain varies from person to person so it essential that you should know the basic cause of your pain. It is imperative that you listen to the demands of your body rather than stressing or exerting it beyond the capacity. This way you will be able to solve a number of your injuries. Don’t opt for exercises which hurt your back. It is good if you consult a fitness expert as to which exercises you need to do to stay fit before hurting the back. If the back pain persists while walking, consult your doctor or else give your body rest for some time.

Ligaments which are attached to your liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines are put under stress when you are walking, this may cause pain. So the best thing is to do a little warm up exercise before you begin the walk.
Various types of exercises you can go for to avoid the back pain. Cat Stretch, Camel Stretch, Pelvic tilt are some of the few exercises. You can also go for exercise balls which helps to give strength to your back muscles. Maintain proper routine and exercise techniques to prevent back pain.

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Name: Martha McDown

What is the camel stretch and cat stretch? Not sure what to do? I recently started to walk and usually do about a mile and a half. About half way through my back starts to hurt just above my waist.If I take things slow it's not so bad. Just needed to know what these stretches are?

Name: Joan Ford

What are cat stretch and camel stretches?

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