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Why My Shin Hurts While Running

Shin Hurting While Running

MAY 27 2010

Shin Hurting and running are said to be interlinked to each other with a number of runners complaining about the same. The answer to the question as to why my shin hurts while running- this is due to wrong type of shoes, tight calve muscles. Inflammation of the area occurs leading to pain.

There are a number of runners who complain of various types of injuries while running. Most of the runners complain that their shin hurts while running.

Causes of Shin Hurt

The basic cause of shin hurt is the stress which is placed on the muscles of the body while running for long hours. When stress is placed on the anterior of the shin or on the front, they not only cause pain but also hurt, sometimes the pain might become unbearable as well. This happens more often with the athletes also who might hurt the heel of their foot, thereby causing damage to the ligaments of the skin.

Of you are having tight calves then surely your heel might hurt the most. During the exercise period, the muscles might become inflamed and if this is accompanied by tight muscles then the situation goes out of control. In such a situation you need to stretch your calves a bit, only this will help.

Those who are obese, too might suffer from shin hurting them. This happens when the body carries excessive weight. There are sometimes cases when shin might hurt if you have been running over a longer period of time on hard or uneven surfaces. The only solution possible in such a case is to choose a softer place to run. Along with this, make it sure that your shoes are proper. Wearing too tight shoes or rough shoes too is one of the causes responsible.

Apart from wearing the wrong kind of shoes, yet another factor responsible is if you begin to run too fast and add mileage to your running within a shorter span of time.

What Needs to be Done

Before buying the running shoes therefore it is quite essential that you know your foot type, and also what type of shoes will suit your feet the best. This will go a long way in preventing the shins, since your feet as well as ankles will be on a safer side.

Thus in a way it can be said that shins occurs primarily because we let that to occur. We don’t pay prime attention to the kind of shoes we wear while running and thus end up hurting. It is also said that it keep reoccurring and doesn’t go easily. Taking proper rest in between running can go a long way in preventing the shins. Also, try to lose weight by eating proper balanced diet. In case of inflammation you need to be put ice pack on the affected area.

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