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Why Shin Hurts While Walking

Shins Hurting While Walking

MAY 24 2010

Shins and walking are somewhat linked to each other since they are caused by excessive walking, imbalance in the leg muscles, wearing high heeled shoes most often. This is a common problem and many people complain that shin hurts while walking. The way to cure it is to massage the affected area with oil or ice packs.

A number of times when you go up and down the hills or at hard surfaces, you may suffer from pain in the shins. Sometimes it might become so excruciating that you might have to stop walking and take rest. This may occur when you have been walking for over a longer period of time at a stretch. Those who jog, or do lots of stretching too may get this.

Shins are basically said to be the inflammation of the tissues of the lower leg which is basically used in the exercise.

Causes of Shin Splits

Shins may occur when you are performing everyday a number of physical activities like running or walking continuously there are chances that shin splits are bound to happen. This might happen if you are suffering from vitamin deficiency; your bones might be become weak and thereby may tend to break easily. In this situation it is necessary that you continuously take vitamin supplements, or meet a doctor. The doctor might be doing a physical check up and may be asking you to undergo certain tests also.

The other possible causes of shin splits may be when you are wearing wrong type of shoes, your stride might be changed from your normal stride, when you start a walking programme or bring about a change in the workout regime then too they are bound to occur. These are basically due to the imbalance in the muscles which are used to lift the foot up and down. If you have been wearing high heeled shoes and walking then too there is a chance that you might suffer from shins. You might also suffer from burning sensation in your shin.

How you can Cure Shins

There are a number of ways in which they can be cured. You can use ice packs, or bandages to cure them, take rest. Apart from this, you can do the some other things also like try to avoid over striding as much as possible. Try to wear shoes which are flexible and have low heels. You also need to strengthen up your calf muscles by doing exercises. If your old shoes have become worn down then it is good that you replace them with new comfortable ones. Don’t over stress yourself by walking, you may walk on alternate days. In case of swelling, massage the affected area with medicated oil, you can even apply heating pads on the area. This too gives relaxation.

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